You can access your BDOC via WebDAV, too. Either you use the facilities provided by your operating system or you can use your favourite WebDAV Client. Username and password are equal to the credentials in the web interface. All file operations are logged and visible in “Reports“ for example.


In order to connect to the BDOC server using WebDAV on Windows 7, it is recommended to open the „Computer“ (icon on your desktop) then right-click (in an open space of the Window) and to select „Add a Network Location“ from the context menu. In the „Add Network Location Wizard“ click [Next], choose a „custom network location“ and enter the URL of the BDOC server when prompted for the „location of the website“.

Enter the full BDOC server URL in the „Internet or network address field“, which you can find in the “My Account“ section under „WEBDAV“.

and click [Next]. You will then be prompted for your BDOC user name and password. If everything works fine you will finally be prompted for a name for this location - enter a label of your choosing (e.g. „My BDOC Server“). A new item in your „Computer“ with that name should then appear (note that this operation may take some time when you connect for the first time).

You may now browse your workspaces using the Windows File Explorer, and upload or download files (using copy & paste or drag & drop).


You cannot modify, add or delete folders. You will get an error message if you try one of these operations.

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