Team functions

In the upper area you can find the „Project team“ link. Next to it you can see the number of users currently online.

After clicking this link you see the project team of your project with name, company, job title, email and online status. If there are more than one projects you are working on, you can choose the project on the left.

If you like to send an email, just select one or more users an klick „Send email to selected persons“. If you just want to send an email to one recipient you can click directly on the email address. Entire groups can be (de-)selected on top of the listing. Of course you can mix one or more groups and single recipients.

Emails are always sent with your local email client.

The whole project team can be reached by clicking „Send email to project team“.

In addition to that you can download vcards of your team colleagues with a click on „vcard“.

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