The lightbox is for cumulated and compressed download of several different files from different folders and/or projects. As explained before, a file can be added to the lightbox with the „add to lightbox“ function (button or context menu) or with rightclick on a folder.

In the lightbox the same functions as in „files“ are available (except „delete“), extended by the following functions:

  • „Download lightbox“: An information with all files in the lightbox appears - click „Download file“ or „x“ to abort.
  • „remove from lightbox“: The marked file(s) will be removed from the lightbox.
  • „Clear lightbox“ removes all files from the lightbox. This must be confirmed.
  • „Email“: This function gives you the chance of sending lightbox-files to non-BDOC-users. The recipient gets a link (which has an expiration date you choose) which leads to a light-box download without login. This action will be recorded with email-address and timestamp. You can add several recipients separated with comma. Every recipient will get his own E-Mail - no mass mailing here. You can either define your own subject and email text - the link will be automatically added below. If you leave the fielsd „Subject“ and „Message“ empty, a default message will be sent. Even if you clear the lightbox, the link and its content remain valid until the expiration date is reached. Attention: If you upload new versions of files in the meantime, always the most recent version of the file will be packed in the zip file! „Send lightbox“ sends the link, „x“ aborts.

Important: The lightbox will be cleared on logout!

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