Folder administration

You can design your individual folder structure for your files. On the left you see the structure/folders just the way users will see it (except for folders a user does not have the permissions to access). On the right you have several options to configure your folders.

„New directory“ opens a dialog box which asks for the following items:

  • Project assignment
  • „Parent directory“
  • Name
  • Type: Standard/Inbox - see “Permissions
  • Files allowed: If you need a folder just for structural purposes, leave this checkbox blank.
  • User rights: Define the group rights in this folder - this is only for top level folders.

If a folder is selected on the left, „Project assignment“ and „Path“ are filled in automatically.

„Save directory“ saves your new folder - click „x“ to cancel.

„Delete directory“ removes the selected folder and all files and subfolders. A security check will have to be confirmed in order to remove a folder.

„Modify directory“ lets you move the folder, change the type of folder or allow/disallow content.

When creating/modifying top level folders you can change directory permissions which will be also valid in the corresponding subfolders.

„Export filestructure“ exports the selected filestructure into a ZIP-File, which contains all folders and subfolders.

„Import filestructure“ imports a ZIP-file into the selected folder, which contains a folder structure, that has been created e.g. in Windows Explorer.

This is how you can copy/move filestructures between different projects or your filesystem. Files will be ignored.

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