Users and groups administration


On top the amount of users / max. number of and users followed by a user listing are displayed.

On the left you can find the user groups as well as a link to a listing of all users. Click on a group name or „all users“ in oder to see a listing of the according group or users.

If you like to delete a user, please confirm the security dialogue.

If you click „edit“ or „new user“, an input form with the following items will open:

  • Type: admin or user
  • User name: This is the unique username in the system. If this username is already in use you will be informed and promted to change the user name.
  • First and last name
  • Company, job title, phone: This information is very helpful and completes the system generated vcards with important information
  • Email: Email address of the user, which is used for notifications. The email address does not need to be unique.
  • Password: Enter a password of at least 6 characters length or have one generated with the link on the right.
  • Language: default language - notifications use this setting.
  • Directory rights: If you want a user to be able to manage folders this must be set.
  • Report: Activate if you want the user to see reports of file operations.

Projects / user rights

You can add the user to one ore more user groups as a member in your projects (see permissions ).

„Save user“ saves your input, „Save user & send login data“ additionally sends a notification email with username and password to the email address you entered. „x“ to cancel.

On the very bottom you can find a link to add a new user - the input form is very similar to the „edit“ form.


To edit a group klick on „edit“:

  • Caption: Name of the group
  • Projekt: assigned project
  • User rights: define which permission the group has in which folder
  • Members: here you assign users to groups.

On the very bottom you can find a link to add a new group - the input form is very similar to the „edit“ form.

Delete users or groups with the corresponding „Delete“ link - you will be asked if you are really sure.

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