User Settings

In the upper right corner your name, a team-link as well as a logout link are displayed. Admin can also find the link to the admin frontend.

My account

Here you will find information about your user account and a link to the terms of use. Additionally you can define the frequency of notifications and change your user password.

Account information

Your account information can only be changed by an administrator.

Change password

You can change your user password here. Please keep in mind that this pasword protects sensible information an shoud therefore contain a combination of upper- and lowercase characters as well as numbers and special characters. Length must be at least 8 characters.



Every user will be - if desired - notified about changes of files and folders. An email will be sent hourly, daily or weekly. If you don't want to get automated information you can disable this feature here.

Default project:

If a user has access to more than one project he can define the one to be opened on login.


You can chose between German, English and Italian. This option has effect on the user interface and all e-mails you get from BDOC.


Here you can find useful links like the terms of use you had accepted at first login, this help-system, remote maintenance tools for our support staff as well as the WebDAV URL for integrating you BDOC into Windows Explorer or MAC Finder.

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